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Claim Your Story. 

"Our sense of worthiness - that critically important piece that gives us access to love and belonging - lives inside our story." 

-Brené Brown

Now That You're Here...

You may be just starting to think about therapy, or maybe you've been thinking for a while and you're ready to get started. You may feel anxiety, fear, and shame when considering therapy, and that's okay!


Many people report feeling better after setting up their first session, even before meeting with the therapist. 

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My Approach

Finding a therapist can be a daunting task. When you reach out to schedule a consultation I will respond with compassion, connection, and patience for where you are in your journey.

There is nothing wrong with you for wanting to see a therapist! 

Humans are layered, complicated, and messy, and therapy can help sort it all out. You may want just a few sessions or maybe some long-term work. It's all good. 


You are allowed to feel whatever you're feeling and have a place to make sense of it all in your own way.

Your way might not be wrapped up in a bow, and that's okay! I'm more than comfortable with sarcasm and spewing profanity...and I'll probably join you!

I see you as the expert in your life and my job is to help you get closer to your goals for yourself.

Sometimes I may suggest strategies that tend to help most people, but we collaborate to find what works for you specifically. 


Is This You?

You have difficulty setting boundaries for yourself or making time for self-care, but you want to be better for the people you care about. You feel you don't live up to the expectations others have for you and it is difficult to really love yourself. Others have called you too sensitive. Maybe you have had unhealthy, even abusive relationships in the past and still, feel the effects of the people who have hurt you. 

Relationships are Hard Work

Couple in Woods

Relational therapy can be helpful for all kinds of relationships. Whether you are working through a conflict or disconnection, seeking premarital therapy, or wanting to support your ethically non-monogamous relationships, relational therapy can help you get on the same page, quit walking on eggshells, and communicate in a healthy way.

It's Not Easy Being a Woman

Smiling Woman

From an early age, women are taught to put others first and feel unrealistic expectations for their bodies, careers, and families. This leads to anxiety, negativity, low self-esteem, and difficulty connecting to your sexuality. It also makes it hard to love ourselves enough to ask for help in the first place, because we learn we aren't good enough to ask. 

LGBTQ+ Experiences are Unique

LGBTQ Flags Center

Whether you want to explore your gender identity, sexual orientation, or something unrelated to either, it helps to know your therapist is affirmative and well-versed in LGBTQ+ experiences across the lifespan. I work with many people who want to explore their sense of gender, sexual orientation, or relationship styles

What Other Healers Are Saying


"Not only is Lindsey an attentive, authentic therapist in session, but she also spends a great deal of time outside of session organizing client-specific treatment plans, activities, and interventions. Lindsey understands that no two clients are alike, and as such, she puts in the extra work to make sure that her therapy fits each person's unique needs. While I have seen Lindsey do a great deal of transformative work with adolescents, I know her to be effective with a wide range of clients; her skills appear to transcend age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and family type, just to name a few. Lindsey Boes is a fantastic therapist and colleague who will always go the extra mile to be sure that her clients get the services they need."

Ashley Walsdorf, Ph.D., LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor 

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