The posts provided here are intended to provide psychoeducation, resources, and support for current clients, potential clients, or anyone seeking information about mental health. These posts are not a suitable replacement for mental health services including medication, therapy, counseling, or crisis management. If you are seeking help for any mental health or relationship struggle, please contact a mental health professional you trust. 

Ask The Therapist - Am I Crazy

Hello Everyone! This is the second video in the "Ask The Therapist" series. The question for this video is, "If you're crazy, do you know it?" This was a really interesting question for me to answer since I might define "crazy" differently than other people, so I provided some basic information regarding diagnosing, the DSM IV and DSM 5, and the difference between two kinds of mental diagnoses. If you have a follow up question or would like to submit your own question for me to answer in a future video, send me an email at with "Ask The Therapist" in the subject line. Check out these links for more information on this topic: National Institute of Mental Health: Mental

Ask The Therapist - Impulse Shopping

Hello Everyone! I finally finished my first video entry, and it was way more difficult than I thought it would be but I'm relatively happy with my finished product. The first episode of "Ask The Therapist" tackled the question: "How should I address impulsive purchasing behavior?" Here are the links I referenced in the video: 9 Simple Ways to Stop Impulse Buying You Can Beat Your Shopping Habit Five Reasons We Impulse Buy What Motivates Impulse Buying? If you have follow up questions to this video or want to submit your own question, send me an email at with "Ask The Therapist" in the subject line. I hope the video was helpful and I look forward to your questions! The

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