Family Therapy

Please note: Lindsey is not accepting new clients at this time. Please click here for a list of highly qualified, talented clinicians in private practice and community agencies. 
Tackle problems together as a family.

Family problems can occur for a variety of reasons. As families grow and develop over time relationships can quickly become more complicated. You may feel the whole family needs change or that one family member needs change; in both situations family therapy can be much more effective at creating lasting change than individual therapy. Family therapy sessions typically begin with the parent(s) alone in the first session with other family members joining in the second session. I take special care in family therapy to not single out a specific person as the problem. Rather I work with the family to explore the shared experience of the struggle and work together to reach their common goals.


I look forward to working with you and your family.



Family sessions are $150 per hour. 


A limited number of reduced fee spaces are available if the standard fee is not accessible. Please ask your therapist if you are interested in the reduced fee option.

If you are on Medicaid, please inform your therapist on your first phone call. 

Create a Shared Experience

Develop Family Goals

Build Trust

Encourage Teamwork

I am trained to provide affirmative therapy to the LGBTQIA community and have knowledge of topics specific to lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and transgender individuals in families. My goal is to advocate for my clients to the best of my ability.