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Services For Therapists

Get information on Supervision, Business Consultation, and Subleasing

I love providing therapy for therapists as well! If you'd rather work with me as a client, let me know!

Clinical Supervision

If you are looking for clinical supervision with a postmodern, feminist-informed lens, you have come to the right place! 

Message me to set up a consultation to discuss your supervision needs!

Business Consultation

You're ready to start your own private practice but don't know where to start. Or maybe you've done the work and have your practice up and running but want to be Social-Justice guided but aren't sure how to blend Profit with Justice.

Together we can figure out how you can be both ethical and profitable!

Office Sublease

So...COVID, am I right?

For a lot of clinicians in private practice renting an office full time doesn't make a lot of financial sense, especially now. At the same time, doing therapy from home isn't always convenient or enjoyable when you don't have a dedicated space.

I offer a fully furnished, affordable therapy office with all the amenities, including air purifiers and a private bathroom. Message me to discuss details!

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