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Ask The Therapist - Am I Crazy

Hello Everyone!

This is the second video in the "Ask The Therapist" series. The question for this video is, "If you're crazy, do you know it?" This was a really interesting question for me to answer since I might define "crazy" differently than other people, so I provided some basic information regarding diagnosing, the DSM IV and DSM 5, and the difference between two kinds of mental diagnoses.

If you have a follow up question or would like to submit your own question for me to answer in a future video, send me an email at with "Ask The Therapist" in the subject line.

Check out these links for more information on this topic:

National Institute of Mental Health: Mental Health Diagnosis Statistics

12 Major Difference between Neuroses and Psychoses

Normalcy, Neurosis and Psychosis: What Is a Mental Disorder?

The posts provided here are intended to provide psychoeducation, resources, and support for current clients, potential clients, or anyone seeking information about mental health. These posts are not a suitable replacement for mental health services including medication, therapy, counseling, or crisis management. If you are seeking help for any mental health or relationship struggle, please contact a mental health professional you trust.

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