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Boes Therapy Services Approach to Racism and Oppression

Now is not the time for silence or assumptions. Boes Therapy Services has always been a source of social justice therapy, where power dynamics, historical and generational trauma, and systemic oppression are recognized, called out, and addressed in relationship and language. In the aftermath of so much violence against Black and Brown people, including and unfortunately not limited to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, it is time to state our beliefs outright and purposefully. Below is the official stance of Boes Therapy Services and myself, Lindsey Boes, on what we owe each other, especially when we have privilege.

If you are a current client of mine and you want to process these ideas, please let me know in our next session. If you are a client with a different therapist, I encourage you to bring up these ideas with your own therapist. If you are not seeing a therapist but would like to have someone to talk about these ideas with, you have many options: engage friends, family, your children, neighbors, and colleagues on these ideas, challenge yourself with listening to anti-racist podcasts, such as this discussion between Ibram X. Kendi and Brené Brown. You can also read on the experience of Blackness in America with books like The New Jim Crow or White Fragility.

Listen, be well and be kind.

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