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Therapy Services

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Individual Therapy

You want time for yourself to do deep processing. We meet weekly or bi-weekly (at first) to dig into what you want to understand better. Work, family, parenting, friendships, politics, your childhood, social media, aging parents, whatever you want to discuss.


Relational Therapy

Communication - what most partners say is their biggest problem in the relationship. If you want to do the deep work in your relationship, not just "I statements" and date night, you're in the right place.


Family System Check-Up

Family Therapy can look very different for different families. When working with families I meet with individuals and subgroups of the family (parents, siblings, etc.) then share my thoughts on what's happening and what I recommend to address it. Then we decide if we want to keep working together or provide referrals to the most helpful therapistss for your family's needs. 

Fog and Nature

Let's Get Started...

Send me an email at to request a FREE 30-minute consultation!

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