For Therapists Wanting Supervision:

I offer supervision for therapists working on their licensure or for therapists wanting to build their relational therapy skills. As of Fall 2021, I am working on my AAMFT Approved Supervisor designation, meaning I have completed the AAMFT Fundamentals of Supervision Class, the Philosophy of Supervision paper, and have contracted with an AAMFT Approved Supervisor Mentor. 


Supervision Fees:

I charge by the hour for supervision and offer individual supervision only, however, AAMFT considers up to two supervisees at a time with a supervisor as individual supervision. This means you have the option of having direct supervision by yourself or having another clinician with you. If you have another clinician with you during supervision, you and the other clinician split the cost of supervision. If there are two clinicians obtaining supervision, I require a 90-minute meeting. If you are wanting to obtain supervision without another clinician we will meet for 60-minutes. 


Each hour of supervision is $80. If you are planning on obtaining supervision without another clinician it will be $80 for 60 minutes of supervision. If you and another clinician are attending together, you would each pay $60 for 90 minutes of supervision. 

Meeting Space:

I currently offer supervision in person and online. This policy may change to being online only as COVID-19 continues to develop.