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Relational Therapy

Relational therapy can be helpful for all kinds of relationships. Whether you are working through a conflict or disconnection, seeking premarital therapy, or wanting to support your ethically non-monogamous relationships, relational therapy can help improve connection and communication

Forest Hammock

Relationships become strained for many reasons and in many ways. Sometimes problems build up slowly over time without one single thing to pinpoint as to where it all started. Other times there are incidents of mistrust, invalidation, or betrayal that force us to re-evaluate our relationships. 


We have all had moments where a loved one said or did something that was really hurtful, even when they didn't mean it that way. However, even when the hurt was unintended, it still affects us. In relational therapy, I help partners learn how to know when they've sent unintentionally hurtful messages, acknowledge the effect on their loved one(s), and communicate more effectively in the future. 


Maybe you are consensually non-monogamous, and either you or your partner has more than one partner, with everyone's consent. Depending on your needs and context, we can do relational therapy with two or more partners. I have taken steps to reduce microaggressions in my sessions and intake paperwork and help partners establish and set boundaries, rules, and strategies to help all your relationships succeed

Pre-marital therapy can help set you and your partner up for success in your married lives. Premarital therapy can help you and your partner identify and communicate your hopes for the relationship, discuss important topics like finances, family planning, household responsibilities, and learn to communicate in healthy ways, even when you're frustrated with each other. 


While no therapist can be bias-free (we are human, after all), I do my best to work with all partners to help them feel heard, safe, and work towards their relational goals together.

Send me a message to set up a free, 20-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit. Even if we aren't, I will help you find another therapist to work with. 

My standard fee is $150 per 60-minute session. Longer sessions are pro-rated and available upon request. I do offer reduced fees for a limited number of clients, which are usually full, but it doesn't hurt to ask! I also accept Medicaid.

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